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TCAs: Will there be a 'Dexter' spinoff?

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan and Michael C.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan and Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Showtime's "Dexter." Credit: Showtime

Beverly Hills -- Showtime chief David Nevins all but confirmed a "Dexter" spinoff this afternoon, after announcing that showrunner Scott Buck had signed an overall "development deal" with the network that might first see the creation of a series based on the novel, "American Dream Machine" (by Matthew Spektor; just published; about Hollywood.)

Nevins was asked about the spin-off and pointed to the two-year deal that Buck had just agreed to, saying in effect, that yes: This is going to happen.  He was spartan on details and it's fairly obvious Michael C. Hall (helping Buck on that adaptation, which he may conceivably star in) will not be part of the spin-off.  Jennifer Carpenter? That's a good question, no? 

 Showtime is loath to part with "Dexter" for the simple reason that this is the most successful franchise in the network's history. Here is the statement, from Nevins: 

"For the last seven seasons, Scott has helped shepherd DEXTER, the most valuable and lucrative franchise we have ever had. We really wanted to remain in business with Scott, and we are looking forward to getting to work with him on a number of new projects. I'm incredibly excited to see what he has up his sleeve." Apparently, we all now know at least two off things he has up that sleeve.

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