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Tennis stars in the TV racket

CHRIS EVERT Nov. 11, 1989 Chris Evert's monologue

Nov. 11, 1989
Chris Evert's monologue included a far-fetched comparison of tennis and SNL, though there were a few self-deprecating jokes that got the audience to laugh.
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With the U.S. Open now in full swing in Queens, it seemed like the right time to take a look at five tennis-related TV moments.

1. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Chris Evert hosted the Nov. 11, 1989, episode shortly after she announced her retirement from tennis. In one memorable skit, former court rival Martina Navritalova (played by Nora Dunn) continues to haunt Evert at everything she tries to do in her post-tennis life.

2. SEINFELD -- Much of the 1993 episode "The Lip Reader" takes place at the U.S. Open. The title character refers to the hearing-impaired line judge (Marlee Matlin), with whom Jerry is smitten. While Jerry and George are at a match, George sloppily eats an ice-cream sundae, smearing his face with chocolate -- an image that's picked up the TV camera. And Kramer tries out for a job as ball boy.

3. PHENOM -- This 1994-95 sitcom focused on a teen tennis prodigy (Angela Goethals) caught between her demanding coach (William Devane) and easygoing mother (Judith Light).

4. WHEN BILLIE BEAT BOBBY -- This 2001 TV movie dramatized the epic 1973 showdown between middle-aged chauvinist tennis star Bobby Riggs (Ron Silver) and much-younger (and female) Billie Jean King (Holly Hunter).

5. THE SIMPSONS -- In 2001's "Tennis the Menace" episode, the Simpsons build a tennis court in their yard, even though Homer has no ability. The episode features guest voicing from Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Venus and Serena Williams as themselves.

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