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The all-British 'Daily Show': 'Veep's' Armando Iannucci

John Oliver, a correspondent from

John Oliver, a correspondent from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Oliver will temporarily replace host Jon Stewart on the popular spoof news show while Stewart directs and produces the film, "Rosewater." Photo Credit: AP

John Oliver took over from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" Monday while the latter moonlights in the Middle East (he's directing a movie), and the question of the moment is simply this: How's John doing?

Let's put it this way: Jon shouldn't be worried. It's been, from my sampling, a flawless transition, but especially important for this show, he's particularly solid on the interviews.

Curious. Asks good questions. Quick on the uptake. It's a skill you'd think would take some time to sort out or reach some sort of comfort level (what? a week?), even if he already has a show and much on-screen experience.

Here's a sampling from last night's all-Brit edition, with Armando Iannucci, "Veep's" creative force ("The Thick of it," and so on). Clearly both know each other and are wonkily pursuing a topic — politics — in which both are well-apprised, but still good and informative .?.?.

Numbers Monday were apparently decent — 1.5 million, or around same as the Stewart edition.


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