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48° Good Afternoon

'The Biggest Loser' back in production, but...'re wondering, when did it ever go out of production?

  After all, we're midpoint in the season, or actually closer to end-point, but still....What happened?  What happened was a strike that hit the California set last Wednesday, shutting down everything as NBC and production company Reveille scrambled to get a replacement  production crew into place. No, the strike did not end, and a noisy crowd of displaced workers - looking for pension and benefits - hasn't gone anywhere either.

  But here's the big issue: There are now reports that Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper have not, repeat not, crossed the picket lines.  So how could "TBL" be back in production without the two most important compenents on hand, with the exception of the contestants themselves? For the moment, that's  a question without an answer. All NBC will do is "confirm" the production has resumed.


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