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‘The Brady Bunch’ star Florence Henderson talks new streaming drama ‘The Eleventh’

Florence Henderson stars in

Florence Henderson stars in "The Eleventh," a series airing on Feeln, a streaming service from Hallmark. Credit: Feeln

Have you ever heard of Feeln?

You have now: It’s the so-called “SVOD” — or streaming video-on-demand — service of Hallmark Cards, and not quite two years old.

Of this service, think Hallmark — good vibes, nice sentiments and gentle souls, all packaged in family-friendly movies (including the classic “Hallmark Hall of Fame” catalog) and TV series. Feeln recently launched its own original series, “The Eleventh,” starring three bona fide legends: Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and Florence Henderson. (It’s about a grandmother reconnecting with her estranged family.)

I spoke to one of those legends last week. Henderson is 82 and as active as ever:

How does this show fit in with the trajectory of your remarkable career?

Well, you know I’ve been in this business a long time. I loved it when I started. I love it even more now. When I was very young, I starred on Broadway, then while I was in New York, started on TV. And I’m going to be the Grand Marshal this year of the Indy 500. I usually just sing before the race. I feel very blessed.

Excuse me, but you’re an IndyCar fan? I did not know.

I’m a native Hoosier, and the youngest of 10 children from a very poor family. I never had a hope of going to the race. Then, years ago, Jim Nabors and I were working together and he said, ‘You wanna go to the race?’ ” A tradition was born.

What else are you doing to keep busy?

With ‘‘The Eleventh,’’ we’ll see where it goes. I’m going to do another commercial. The West Coast Tonys — they have the West Coast Tonys as well as the East Coast — are honoring me June 11. It’s always something.

I was amazed you were in Marlon Wayans’ “50 Shades of Black.” I mean, Carol Brady?

“It’s good to say ‘yes’ [to job offers]. It’s always a new experience. I never thought I’d work with Marlon Wayans, but he turned out to be terrific. I loved it. It was pretty wild.

Speaking of Carol, do you get tired of people asking what was it like to be her?

Thank you for not asking, but no. I decided a long time ago to embrace it. You gotta cherish your past. I can’t say I didn’t do it. I get more fan mail today from all over the world than I did when the show started. . . . The question I’m asked the most is, ‘‘Can I have a hug?’’

Is there another “Very Brady” reunion in our future?

I’m very leery of those, but I got a call from Sherwood Schwartz’s son [veteran producer Lloyd J. Schwartz, who was also a writer on “The Brady Bunch,” created by his late father]. He said one of the broadcast networks was interested in having a show with Carol Brady. She’s been widowed but living her life, dating and maybe even has a friend with benefits. That I’d be interested in.

What would Carol be like today?

I think she kept up with the times. She was able to change and grow, and — you know — understand what’s going on in the world.

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