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'The Kennedys' goes to ReelzChannel

Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper in

Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper in the television miniseries, "The Kennedys." Credit: Splash News/Newscom

That's right: The much-maligned (and probably unfairly) TV miniseries with Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes has found a place to finally hang its hat, even if the question that is going through a few thousand minds right now is fairly obvious:

What the heck is ReelzChannel.

Your humble TV correspondent, alas, does not know. (But I will find out.)

In fact, Reelz is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting -- Stanley Hubbard is one of the (albeit lesser known) legends of the TV industry who has tried on and off over the years to jumpstart new  networks. Reelz, based in New Mexico, is not widely distributed but offers reruns of old series, and what not. This acquisition will presumably get it on the map.

Is this a good move for "The Kennedys" which was dumped by History after -- reportedly -- pressure by members of the Kennedy family? A  home is better than no home at all, but it almost certainly bitterly regrets the day Showtime (and a number of other outlets) turned it down. Telecast is expected to launch April 3, and -- for the record -- the Hollywood Reporter broke this news about an hour ago.   

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