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'The Lying Game' makes lying dull


THE LYING GAME - "Pilot" - Separated at birth, identical twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer have led very different lives, each oblivious to the other�s existence until circumstances bring them back together. Yearning for the family she never had, Emma agrees to help Sutton with her plan to find their birth parents, setting in motion a web of secrecy and lies, in the ABC Family new original series, �The Lying Game,� premiering on Monday, August 15th (9:00 � 10:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC FAMILY/COLLEEN HAYES) Photo Credit: ABC Family/Colleen Hayes

SERIES "The Lying Game"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres Monday night at 9 on ABC Family

REASON TO WATCH Switched-twins mystery is different from the channel's already running "Switched at Birth" soap. Right? (It's also based on a novel by Sara Shepard, the same author who wrote "Pretty Little Liars.")

WHAT IT'S ABOUT It's also different from The CW's upcoming Sarah Michelle Gellar hour "Ringer," where Geller plays a police-wanted young adult who meets her heretofore unknown identical twin and switches identities to see what it's like to be rich (and troubled).

Because in "The Lying Game," Alexandra Chando plays a foster-fleeing teen who meets her heretofore unknown identical twin and switches identities to see what it's like to be rich (and troubled).

"Ringer" relies heavy on suspense, while "The Lying Game," though it has a mystery element, leans lots on "Wow! How glam is my new life" for all the consumerist chicks in the target demo. There's also the "Wow! How hot is my secret boyfriend" thing, ripped straight from "Twilight" with its hunky young native (Blair Redford).

MY SAY Turns out all you need to do to impersonate an identical twin you've met for five minutes is "this hair flip thing." Then you get the Phoenix mansion and the BMW and the "cool" parents who "did something horrible." Rich twin heads out to find out what, leaving orphan sis to learn her life by studying her laptop, until it's stolen.

All this happens in what feels like seven minutes, as tonight's pilot for "The Lying Game" rushes past like some film student's ABC Family show parody. Nothing is left unspoken in dialogue as blandly obvious as "I am the only other person who knows" and "She had a lot of secrets."

BOTTOM LINE She has a lot of tedium, too, until the pilot's mysterious last few minutes promise more. Do we care enough to find out what?


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