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The new 'Early Show': Charlie Rose and Gayle King

Media personality Gayle King attends Hope Help &

Media personality Gayle King attends Hope Help & Relief Haiti "A Night Of Humanity" at Urban Zen in Manhattan. (Feb. 8, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

CBS News will announce in a few hours a new, refurbished morning news program -- that's right, "The Early Show" -- to be hosted by Charlie Rose and Gayle King. Yes, it's a massive overhaul and the new hosts almost need no introduction. But here are just a few of the questions that one assumes CBS has addressed in this shakeup:

1) The CBS morning program -- various names over the years -- has been changed many times, and none of the overhauls have ever worked, or at least worked for any duration. Why will this one be different? 

2) Why Charlie and Gayle, two very different personalities, with different tastes, experiences and news credentials?

3) Will this always be a "serious" program, in the sense that pop-culture moments will not be covered? (The next big movie? A new diet? A new hit show? The latest starlet or star on a promotion binge?) 

4) If so, why?

5) If not, who will cover said story -- Charlie or Gayle?

6) And how will responsibilties be divided? 

7) Will both newcomers continue with their other jobs -- hosting gigs for PBS and OWN, respectively? (The answer is almost certainly yes.)

8) What kind of numbers do you expect for this? 

9) Is there really a national TV audience for "serious" news that soberly covers national and international news and public affairs? 

10) If so, does this not fly in the face of the standard theory of morning TV -- that it's an eat-and-run medium, where attention levels are often minimal? 

11) If the numbers tank, are you worried about affiliiates pulling the two hours, to be replaced with their own fare?

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