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'The Newsroom': Mr. Sorkin comes to HBO

Aaron Sorkin attends the Manhattan screening of the

Aaron Sorkin attends the Manhattan screening of the new HBO series, "The Newsroom." (June 18, 2012) Credit: AP

There was a nice interview with Aaron Sorkin on "CBS This Morning" that confirms my instincts about this worthy new series "The Newsroom"  that it's a not so-distant echo of "His Girl Friday" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Sorkin got some ferocious flak from some very smart critics and viewers out there, but my feeling is that there's a bit of a misread of this series and of Sorkin.

Foremost, the guy is an anti-post-modernist who does not do "irony," and who clearly believes there are universal absolutes of conduct and right and wrong. It makes him and the show a bit old-fashioned, or at least to critics used to "Girls" or "Louis."

Plus it's a teleplay -- and plays have an entirely different structure and energy from TV shows; again, it's not something we're necessarily used to, since teleplays haven't really been in fashion since the early '50s.

I stand by my initial read -- that this is a worthy series. Check out the clip from CBS, and I've added an excellent clip of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "His Girl Friday;" again, "Newsroom" was inspired by both.

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