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'The Office:' It's a wrap

Well? What did you think? Who will run Dunder Miflin? Who should? More to the point, what did you think of the episode, "Search Committee"?

I'm glad you asked: Here's what I thought. First half, excellent. Second half, dragged interminably, until just before the closing credits. And the Jim Carrey cameo, which ran about two seconds right around then? Added nothing.

That said . . . Will Arnett . . . James Spader . . . Ray Romano were wonderful. 

Catherine Tate. Yes, how could I forget her? Excellent, too. 

(Warren Buffett was good, but he should hold on to his day job.)

Honestly, I figured the episode would be one of those self-important cameo-stuffed con jobs -- not that "The Office" has ever really reduced itself to that level. Instead, it worked -- until falling prey to the oldest "Office" problem of them all, which is the extended episode. "Office" works brilliantly in 22 minute spans only. Anything beyond that is dross. 

Here again is the first, and watchable half...



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