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'The Office': Meet the documentary crew

In the first episode of season 9 of

In the first episode of season 9 of "The Office," Dwight (Rainn Wilson) spends quality break room time with the new guy nicknamed Dwight Jr. (Clark Duke). Credit: NBC

Viewers of last night's "The Office" probably didn't quite expect that — or should I say THAT!

We call it a reveal, or better yet, a surprise. The documentary crew finally showed their face, or faces. It was a sweet, tender moment, unexpected simply because Pamela broke through the fourth wall and told "Brian" that she was all right, or something along those lines.

And then, the camera panned over to the sound man, who was a holding a boom mic. He then went over to Pam — weeping softly after a blowup with Jim, by phone (he was in Philly, complaining loudly to Pam about how she screwed up the iPhone recording of their daughter's dance recital.) He put his arm around her, and told the cameraman to stop filming.

No, we've never seen a member of the crew before, but we have heard them — I believe — or at least cast-members have indirectly addressed them. So last night was a historic — aah sure, why not?  — moment.  

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