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'The Office:' Steve Carell leaves in April

 No more hoping for what has now has officially become the impossible - Steve Carell's continued tenure on "The Office."  It's not gonna happen: Show runners told reporters covering the bi-annual press tour in Pasadena yesterday that Carell will in fact leave in April - presumably late April, I would imagine, at the start of the May sweeps.

  Reason is that this will give the show four full episodes to develop the storyline for his replacement and give fans - bereaved fans - time to absord the enormity of this loss.

  (I kid - there is no such thing as "enormity of loss" in TV - unless, say, "NCIS" were suddenly cancelled...)

   Culling the various reports coming out of Pasadena, here are the basics - Michael Scott will leave, but he may well leave with Holly (Amy Ryan) who briefly rejoined the show this season and is, as everyone knows, his life's soulmate. A "happy ending" for Mike? Almost certainly. His replacement in the Scranton office will be either someone within, or someone without - I know, helpful information! - while uberboss Kathy Bates' character returns to presumably pilot the momentous decision. 

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