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'The Simpsons'-'Family Guy' crossover: First look

At the 2014 Comic-Con, "Family Guy" reps debuted

At the 2014 Comic-Con, "Family Guy" reps debuted a preview of that show's crossover episode with "The Simpsons." It's set to air Sept. 28. (Credit: E3)

One of the great things about Comic-Con, just concluding, is that everyone there is insanely passionate and has a cellphone -- which means an insanely massive amount of "content" dumped right onto the Web: most notably, the first look at a few minutes of the Sept. 28 "The Simpsons"-"Family Guy" crossover episode. This impending event has sparked a minor furor among some fans of both series, notably "Simpsons" ones who fervently believe both shows exist in separate universes, in terms of sensibility, humor, tone and anything else you can imagine.

It is, in other words, just another way for "Simpsons" fans to say their magnificent obsession is far superior to the obsession stoked by the jejune, vulgar, preteen dumbboy pranks of "Guy." They may be right. (They may be wrong, too; there certainly have been plenty of funny "Guys" over the years.) This crossover may be a way to settle this long-rankling conflict. Or it may just be a way to make matters even worse. Go here for the clip -- it is in parts offensive, so proceed with caution -- but it is interesting to witness the sensibilities of both in a mash-up.

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