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'The Simpsons' gets a two-season pickup

Two more seasons for these champs.

Two more seasons for these champs. Photo Credit: Fox Broadcasting Co., File

In a relentless march to immortality -- literally, it would now appear -- "The Simpsons" was just handed a new two-season order, for the 27th and 28th.  EW -- which had this news first -- says the deal was completed at this time so that there wouldn't be a delay in launching the 27th (yes, we are in the 26th now).

The renewal was expected, but lockstep renewals weren't always a given: There was some speculation just before the 20th that Fox was contemplating a life without Springfield, and then again after the 23rd, when a bruising battle over cast salaries was underway. The show's international following remains vast, and castmembers have long-term deals in place (how long exactly is unclear, but one can assume through the next two seasons). No reason NOT to continue. 

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