Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

The TV Battle of the Palins is about to begin

Which Sarah Palin will you be watching this weekend?

The Sarah Palin who is a flippin' awesome leader, and the best governor of Alaska ever?

Or the Sarah Palin who doesn't know what a "Fed" is?

Decisions! But this weekend you will have them, when ReelzChannel airs Palin's self-portrait, "The Undefeated" (at 8 on Sunday) -- that had a brief run in theaters a while ago -- or HBO's "Game Change" (at 9 on Saturday).

One says Palin was ready for higher office. The other says she was not. (Guess which one says she was not?)

As posted on Reelz' website: "Stan Hubbard, ReelzChannel chief executive, told the AP that the decision to air 'The Undefeated' on the same weekend as 'Game Change' was strictly for business reasons, not political ones. If HBO wanted to swap movies this weekend, I'd do that in a second... When you say 'Sarah Palin,' nobody sort of shrugs. Everybody loves her or hates her. There's no middle ground. She's so relevant because she's so intriguing."

Meanwhile, the dueling trailer. They're on different nights, so maybe you can watch both of 'em.

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