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'Theatrical' Papa Peachez, Victoria Acosta sneak through to Hollywood on 'American Idol'

Victoria Acosta next on "American Idol," singing Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." Bold and brassy; with nice tone on the soft parts but not fantastic overall.

Judges aren't quite sure; Randy Jackson asks her to sing some mariachi, and it's a lot livelier; they vote, and put her through.

"Papa Peachez," who says he's "just a big black woman" trapped in a "little white boy's" body. He's very full of himself in the video bio; let's see if he can sing.

Doing his own song; this had all the signs of the classic self-absorbed, oblivious, tone-deaf audtioner, but you know what — he can sing, even if he swears during his audition. Deep, heartfelt voice; makes you want to hear more, even though a lot of people are going to find him annoying.

"I think you are a superstar," says Nicki Minaj flat out. Keith Urban calls it "very theatrical — maybe so much so that I can't find you in it." Jackson says if he could really get serious and take some vocal lessons, he could be quite good, but doesn't think he's ready..

Minaj is lobbying heavily for him, calling him creative with a potentially great voice; but Urban and Jackson say no. Carey says yes; Jackson gets to breaks ties in San Antonio so Minaj lobbies him heavily — and he changes his vote, sending him to Hollywood!

Right call; he's good television if nothing else.

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