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Good Evening

Thia Megia half-smiles on 'American Idol'

Thia Megia is doing Michael Jackson's "Smile" next on "American Idol," for me this is the most anticipated performance of the night. Even if she didn't know who Charlie Chaplin was.

My gosh, such a pure, simple voice. Smooth as silk. You can hear a pin drop, everyone is just listening, hard. Oooh, then she changes it up, speeds it up, gives it a beat -- totally different. Not 100 percent sure it works, but it shows she's taking risks and trying things.

Randy Jackson loved the start, says it got pitchy as it got jazzy, didn't like the twists as much. Steven Tyler agrees, she's not looking happy. Man, she is no softy, has fire in those eyes.

Jennifer Lopez dittos, liked seeing her move on stage. Then tells her: "Doesn't matter, you sing like an angel."

She says afterward she felt better at the start, too. Ah, she's still great; I really like how she doesn't just do what she knows she can do. Her courage is her best quality.

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