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Thia Megia, Pia Toscano, Jacob Lusk or Casey Abrams will win 'American Idol'

Clockwise, from left,

Clockwise, from left, "American Idol" 2011 contestants Rachel Zevita, Karen Rodriguez, Tatynisa Wilson, Naima Adedapo, Kendra Campbell, Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia, Pia Toscano, Ashthon Jones, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Turner and Juliana Zorilla arrive at Idol Prom: The "American Idol" Season Ten Top 24 Debut event at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. (Feb. 24, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Thia Megia and Pia Toscano schooled everyone else on "American Idol" tonight -- two amazingly talented vocalists just singing, no smoke or mirrors getting in the way of their powerful voices.

Tuesday night's superstar Jacob Lusk better watch out -- both of them, on the right night, are in his league, with the sky the limit for Thia especially. She showed unbelievable courage tonight in singing on a bare, spotlit stage, with nothing but her voice carrying her along.

What trips up even the big talents on "Idol" is they don't go for it -- she's showed first chance she got that she's here to win, and has the confidence to trust herself.

And if Casey Abrams thought he could cruise into a finals showdown with Jacob, he's got another thing coming.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were back on their game as well, with less fawning and more comments that actually related to the performance we just saw.

Here's how I ranked everyone; put in your own thoughts in the comments.

1) Luminious Thia Megia's "On My Own" was brilliant --. as J.Lo said, she captivated everyone. And it wasn't ludicrous that Randy compared her pure tone to Michael Jackson. I really feel this 15-year-old could do anything on this show.

2) Pia Toscano got a standing ovation with an astounding "I'll Stand By You" -- pure singing talent. "Out of this world" as J.Lo said. She's got the look and the voice to get the votes to win this thing.

3) Cute Ashthon Jones  went big hair, big voice, big performance on "Love All Over Me." -- as J.Lo said, she's got "all the makings of a diva."

4) Haley Reinhart showed off the interesting colors in her voice with "Fallin'" If she can get the connection down with her audience she could stick around.

5) Lauren Alaina stalked the stage with "Turn On the Radio" -- for whatever reason she didn't bring it all tonight. Hope that huge talent comes out soon. 

6) Lauren Turner showed off her great bluesy voice with "Seven Day Fool" -- as J.Lo said, next time show more personality and "get in the camera's face."

7) Julie Zorrilla's ballerina-ish dress stood out more than her version of "Breakaway," -- but I still really like her and hope she sticks around.

8) Smooth Karen Rodriguez switched from English to Spanish with "Hero," but aside from that, nothing special for me.

9) I really like Rachel Zevita, but her showy version of "Criminal," in Randy's words, "wasn't great, it wasn't good -- it just didn't work."

10) Kendra Chantelle has a nice demeanor, but nothing vocally impressive on "Impossible."

11) Naima Adedapo  has an interesting yellow dress, but nobody will remember her "Summertime" come tomorrow.

12) Ta-Tynisa Wilson was mediocore on "Only Girl (In the World)." Don't think she'll be around much longer.


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