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Thia Megia sings about the world today on 'American Idol'

Thia Megia is up next up on "American Idol." She was just born in 1995! She's singing "Colors of the Wind."

Oooh, her voice just spoooools out. She's standing there in her shimmery gown, it just oozes out, and soars on the chorus. It's hearfelt and right on pitch as always. It's not amazing or anything, but is well-done. 

Randy Jackson says vocals were OK, and he gets some big boos. He says it was a boring ballad, nothing special or unique. Oddly, he tells her she always sings safely, which is untrue.

Steven Tyler asks her if this song is who she thinks she is. She says she thinks it fits what's going on in the world. These message songs are always a mistake.

Jennifer Lopez tells her to be herself, "push out of the box, come out next week and kill it."

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