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Good Morning

Thia Megia startles, Jerome Bell is all smooth on 'American Idol'

Next, New Yorker Jerome Bell brings his dapper dress and big smile on "American Idol" -- he just looks good. Singing "Let's Get it On," he's a good performer and vocally has the tricks. I never really loved it, but it's good.

Randy Jackson says, "controlled, tender, the right moments," likes him -- Jennifer Lopez also lists all his attributes; Steven Tyler just says "beautiful." I liked him, but didn't feel any extra emotion for whatever reason.

"What was his name?" asks Tyler afterward.

Thia Megia, 15, who I instantly like -- big smile, good look, gentle vibe, dressed stylishly. "That's a movie star name" Lopez says.

Sings "Chasing Pavement," has a huuuuuge voice with tons of soul, and it's a bit startling. 

"Niiiice" Tyler says; "total package" Lopez says. Yeah, she's a good one, one of the favorites so far I'd say.

Apparently a bunch of 15-year-olds made it out, going to make it a very interesting season once they start hanging out with the adults.

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