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Thia Megia transfixes like Michael Jackson, Lauren Alaina is herself on 'American Idol'

Thia Megia is next on "American Idol." She's another one of my faves, at just 15. Great start --- spotlight on her, slow, controlled, dramatic, pure voice singing "On My Own."

Man, by far the best of the night -- is naked emotionally, vulnerable, alone on a dark stage; but such a strong voice. You cannot stop listening. Huge ovation from the crowd.

Steven Tyler says her pitch was perfect and beautiful. Jennifer Lopez calls it a great moment, tells her it's amazing she was able to "captivate every single person in this room."

Randy Jackson says her tone is so much like Michael Jackson, "this is what hot singing is about."

And now, Lauren Alaina, another great vocalist. Comes out all country rock, stalks the stage with Reba McEntire's "Turn On the Radio." It's fun I guess, but after Thia, its hard to match up. Its a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to a duel of the vocalists but Lauren kind of didn't show.

"You don't even have to try," says J.Lo, tells her she's a great natural. Randy says "there's so much more in there with you," like Kelly Clarkson meets Carrie Underwood.

Tyler also tells her they haven't seen the best of you yet; which sounds like a critique. She tells everyone her nickname for Ryan Seacrest is Peaches.



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