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Three years whiff by on 'Weeds'

THE SHOW "Weeds"

WHEN | WHERE Monday night at 10:05 on Showtime

REASON TO WATCH Seventh- season launch.

CATCHING UP In the last seconds of the sixth season, Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) was being muscled out the airport doors by Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir) and his bloodthirsty henchman Guillermo (Guillermo Díaz), who had every intention of killing her. That is, once they got Stevie, the son of Esteban and Nancy, squired away. Nancy then set "plan c" into motion: A bunch of Feds were waiting outside and she yelled that she was the one who killed Pilar Zuzua (Kate del Castillo), the powerful, corrupt Mexican politician who actually was dispatched by Nancy's son Shane (Alexander Gould) at the close of the fifth season. It's off to prison for Nancy, but at least she's alive.

Meanwhile, sons Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane and brother-in-law Andy (Justin Kirk) take off for Copenhagen, never expecting to see Nancy again.

WHAT THIS EPISODE'S ABOUT Nancy has spent the last three years in the Danbury federal prison and comes before a confused parole board. One member can't understand why she's being released so early, but the FBI agent who finally got Nancy, Agent Lipschitz (John Fleck), has his reasons for springing her three years later. She's released to a halfway house in Washington Heights. The ex-pat boys, joined by Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon), are living an interesting life in Denmark when they learn Nancy has been released from jail.

MY SAY A few critics and a lot more fans have been hating on "Weeds" for so long that it's become almost fashionable to keep on hating. "Weeds" has drifted so far from its suburban mom/pot dealing days that it became a different show. Casual viewers don't get the emotional investment, so a degree of detachment is the best way to approach this episode.

BOTTOM LINE It feels fresh and amusing. "True Blood" did a similar fast-forward, and both have benefited.


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