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Thursday fall TV 2013 crush - 'The Crazy Ones'

This publicity image released by CBS shows Robin

This publicity image released by CBS shows Robin Williams, left, and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a scene from the pilot episode of "The Crazy Ones," a new CBS comedy premiering Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. Credit: AP / CBS / Richard Cartwright

This morning, TV Zone readers are getting a quick roadmap of some of tonight's major launches, and what sort of roadmap would this be without prominent mention of Robin Williams' return to serial TV after a 30-plus year absence. "The Crazy Ones" (WCBS/2, 9) has a rough start, but it is Williams, and it is also Sarah Michelle Gellar, and - it is also David E. Kelley, who is showrunner. At some point, all this talent will - or hopefully should -  conspire to create something very good.

 A quick outtake from today's review...

Williams' Simon Roberts is an alt-universe version of Don Draper: hyper, unrestrained and deeply annoying. He doesn't seem like an ad genius as much as a joke-a-minute factory-line comic who got lost on his way to The Comedy Store. You hope for a laugh, pray for one, then give up. To be fair, tonight's pilot runs fast (19 minutes) and feels more like a "sizzle reel" than a fully formed show. Williams, at least, is a genius, and maybe he'll get the time to turn this into something worth watching.

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