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Tim Halperin and Brett Loewenstern flail on 'American Idol'

Tim Halperin is next on "American Idol" and gets asked an idiotic Randy Seacrest question: What's it like to be part of such a talented group of contestants?

Uh, so far tonight, nobody would know.

he starts off oversinging "Streetcorner Symphony," and it's a totally odd pick that doesn't really allow his voice to soar. It feels a bit strained all the way through. He's not filling the stage and the audience is just sitting there. It's OK.

"Not sure if that song did you any justice," says Steven Tyler, "I've heard you sing so much better other songs." Jennifer Lopez agrees, tells him he sang it well but not a great vehicle. 

Randy Jackson says the same and adds there's nothing original here. Tim at least stands up for himself, even if he's delusional.

Brett Loewenstern is next; ooooh, doing "Light My Fire." Totally has the hair for it; kind of a soft, weak start though. He's rushing through it, too and seems a bit nervous.

Does some really laughable dance moves -- the stage is definitely too big for him, one of the worst performances on a totally miserable night so far. Voice is totally being swallowed up. 

Wow, in a fit of insanity Tyler really liked it, Lopez likes the hair tossing and that he was who he was, and Randy says some pitch problems, but at least you're fun.

My gosh, really? Do they wanna keep him around for some reason?

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