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Tim Urban falls back to mediocre ways on 'American Idol'

Tim Urban is singing "Better Days" on "American Idol" as they show Captain "Sully" Sullenberger in the audience. Alicia Keys -- who's turning out to be a mediocre mentor -- tells him, like everyone else, to make the song personal.

His tone is pretty good on the song, but I don't know . . . he does that eyes-closed-thing to show us how much he's feeling it. It's just an OK performance, nothing like last week's breakout. Has that deer in the headlights look a bit, too. He's really out of his league at this point, vocally.

Randy says just OK, nothing special. Ellen says sometimes she likes the soup, sometimes not so much. Kara says not the best execution, although you've found yourself now.

Simon says he didn't find it believable and that it's "a little bit of a letdown" compared to last week. 

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