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Tim Urban goes "silly, silly" again on 'American Idol'

Tim Urban is singing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," which strikes me as a bad choice. During the pre-taped portion of his meeting with Miley Cyrus, she gives him a hug and says she doesn't think he's boring at all.

He's in a sportcoat and jeans. There's a little bit of Elvis in his voice and he's easy to listen to. he still looks awkward up there, does this sliding thing across the stage, of course makes me think of Jon Peter Lewis and his legendary wild card performance.

The thing is, though, there's no wild sense of energy with Tim, no charisma. So it all falls a bit flat for me.

Randy says you guys should be wowing me. The slide was good, but "the vocals were so boring." Ellen says you have huge fans, but like an audition for "High School Musical," you pushed too hard and it was corny. She's dead on.

Kara says right on Ellen. She tells Tim he didn't do much, and that he's not established, but "acted like you already made it and you haven't." Simon says sliding around was good since it distracted from the song which was "utterly pointless and silly."

"You've got zero chance of winning right now . . . two weeks of silly, silly song choices."

Tim does the thing at the end where he just dismisses what the judges said and tells his fans he just wanted to do something fun. Well, you know, it's not about what you want to do. It's about winning.

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