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Tim Urban has the 'it' factor, Casey James doesn't strip this time

Tim Urban, who I don't think we've seen before, with big hair and an earnestness to him, sings David Cook's "Come Back to Me." Wow, where did his deep, world-weary voice come from?! 

It's really different, I like him -- he has the look, and huge likeability. Plus I think he has real depth to him, not a clown, serious about this

Justin Williams, who survived cancer, plays the keyboard, Randy just says, "it's very interesting, that's all I'll say." He's cut; oh well.

Paige Dechausse, Erica Rhodes (dominatrix Barney girl!), Jersey sisters -- all cut. Ah, some of the best characters of the year....

Maddy Curtis, whose brothers have Down Syndrome, sings "Nearness of You," I really like her but the judges aren't so sure. Casey James, who totally looks different than in auditions when he took his shirt off, does some blues guitar; Randy really likes him.

Casey makes it, not Maddy -- I guess I'd rather it have been the other way around.

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