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Tim Urban keeps laughing as he gets ripped by the 'American Idol' judges

Tim Urban is up next on "American Idol." I'm curious to see how he'll crash and burn in front of Usher. They talk about how he's being nicknamed "Teflon Tim," he laughs about it but I'm sure he has no idea where the nickname originally came from (Ronald Reagan's horrible policies having no impact on his personal popularity).

Singing "Sweet Love," Usher stops him, says he didn't believe him, "make me that person." Man, Usher even leans against a pillar cool . . .

It's not a good performance. His timing is off with the orchestra, he's totally struggling through it. He's oversinging to try and compensate. It's just a huge mess, you don't want to keep listening. It's a bad song choice. He has a deer in the headlights look for much of it.

Randy said you were like a "singing waiter" at first, but at least you sang in tune; but "no vibe, no swag," song just lay there flat. Ellen calls him "adorable" a bunch, but says she was wondering why he chose it, "walking like you were sneaking into a bedroom . . . don't try to be sneaky." 

Kara is like, "Tim, Tim..." Says "you took the soul out of the song." He's laughing, she asks "why are you laughing?!"

Simon says, "because it doesn't make any difference what we say." Calls it "a totally inappropriate song, like a mouse picking a fight with an elephant," and adds "but sadly people will keep voting for you, you'll be here next week."

Teflon Tim is becoming the type of "American Idol" contestant I hate the most -- somebody who isn't any good, knows it, and is just milking the system for all the votes he can.

It's too bad, because I think he's a nice guy. He's just in over his head. I guess it's not his fault the teeny-boppers like him.

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