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Tim Urban looks like a Beatle and that's apparently good enough on 'American Idol'

Tim Urban singing "All My Loving" on "American Idol," other contestants say he's always smiling, they also talk about how he flicks his hair.

Hmm, nice, soulful start, looks like a Beatle up there with his mop top and sportcoat. This isn't bad, actually; I think he's the first one tonight to really approach what the early Beatles were all about -- the happiness, the pep, the smiling, the hair.

Wish, actually, he was more joyful, as it goes on it seems like he's paying a lot of attention to playing the guitar, not at all letting it go or being energetic. Too bad, winds up being bland; a missed opportunity.

Randy says "you're like in your own categeory," better than last few weeks, likes the Beatleish hair; "a good Tim performance." Ellen liked it. Kara likes the guitar, and that he's listening to some of the criticisms. Uh, okay... He was just openly mocking them last week, so I guess that's listening?

Simon says "you did really well tonight with that song," thought the song sounded current. Oddly, he also says he thinks he takes the criticism like a man.

Weird, where's all this coming from -- did the judges suddenly decide singing poorly and doing the same thing every week is no biggie? Cause compared to everyone else, he's no Beatle, he's an ant.

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