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TMZ: No Sheen return to '2.5 Men'

Actor Charlie Sheen during a visit to "Jimmy

Actor Charlie Sheen during a visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in Los Angeles. (March 21, 2011) Credit: AP

Let's see -- who should we believe on the Sheen rumor mill circuit? TMZ, which has broken a couple dozen stories on the tired subject, or -- which had at least one, on Monday, saying CBS wanted him back on "Two and a Half Men?" (NBC's Jeff Rossen also reported this.) Your choice!

But I was always a little wary of the  return story for many reasons -- notwithstanding that there is a $100 million lawsuit in the pipeline, and as insane as this whole story is, companies -- even in Hollywood -- rarely hire people who are suing them for $100 million. (He's suing Warner Bros. TV, not CBS -- but the difference here seems hardly relevant. Howard Stern is suing his own bosses; but that's OK when you're still working for them.) Whatever. This morning TMZ insists the Charlie-back-to-"2.5 Men" story is bogus, and I believe this one. I suspect Charlie's camp was leaking the story to aggravate the hell out of its troll combatants. Mission accomplished! Plus, another thought to keep in mind: TMZ and Warner Bros. share a parent company. Maybe TMZ knows a little something Radar doesn't.

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