Todrick Hall singing Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It." It turns out he does push-ups before his performances. He's wearing all black leather; stripped-down, slowed-down version, very deliberate in his lyrics, and controlled in his movements.

He can definitely sing. Not crazy about the version, it feels a bit de-souled, busts out a bit more in the second half. But I think we'll just remember a good voice, not a great performance. There's no energy somehow.

Randy like the falsetto at the end, but didn't love it that much.He says just sing it, don't mess so much with the arrangements. Ellen says use your strength, you're a dancer,  but didn't like the choice. She says she wants him here, and that  he needs another chance.

Kara says refind your magic, your unique spin. Simon says it's not working out for you, like a theme park performance, "you're getting this completely and utterly wrong."

It's a classic case of a nice guy listening too much to the judges and hearing the wrong thing -- just sing and dance and make us remember you.

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