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Tom Hanks JFK documentary on CNN, 'The Assassination of President Kennedy,' worth watching

During the funeral procession in Washington for President

During the funeral procession in Washington for President John F. Kennedy, a riderless horse passes with boots reversed in the stirrups, symbolizing a fallen hero. (Nov. 25, 1963) Credit: AP

Apologies for this later reminder of yet another documentary on the JFK assassination, but this one should be both worthy and worth your time: CNN's "The Assassination of President Kennedy," Thursday at 9, and produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman (and Mark Herzog). It'll repeat at 11, and again Sunday at 9 and 11. (And there will be other airdates. Hard to miss this one.)

I've only sampled this two-hour film (and will watch more) but what I've seen makes this particular entry stand out because it's one of the rare films to actually build the entire tragic day -- Nov. 22, 1963 -- almost entirely through archival material, some of which I had not yet seen before. There are also many interviews, including of Dan Rather.

Again, I'm impressed with what I've seen, and no re-creations or docu-dramaturgy here, which has tended to distract or distort some of the other films. 

Some clips, and Newsday app readers please head to to view:


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