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Top favorite Jacee Badeaux, LIer Robbie Rosen among 100 advancing on 'American Idol'

Robbie Rosen was a typical Merrick teen whose

Robbie Rosen was a typical Merrick teen whose life changed after a successful audition on "American Idol."

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The group sing round on "American Idol" -- generally my favorite night of the season -- brought the usual crazy drama, horrible harmonies and surprising stellar performances.

At the end of it, big names like Jacee BadeauxJulie Zorrilla, Chris Medina, Scotty McCreery and Long Island's Robbie Rosen were among the 100 who moved on, but we also lost the likes of Emily Ann Reed, Paris Tassin and one of my early favorites, Rob Bolin.

Here are my favorite moments from the night. add your own in the comments, below.

1) Baby-faced Jacee getting booted from his group, but then emotionally finding a better-fit for his nice personality and moving on with his entire new group after a heartfelt performance of  "Mercy." He got big applause from his fellow competitors; his huge likability, memorable voice and now good story make him the favorite in this whole thing right now.

2) Deep-voiced Scotty apologizing before his group's performance for not sticking up for Jacee when they kicked him out, then just nailing his song and also moving on. He's one of the top five favorites right now, too.

3) Chris and his group practicing in the men's bathroom. Ha!

4) Standing ovation for the group of 15 and 16-year-olds after a creative and thrilling "Somebody to Love."

5) Ex-couple Rob and Chelsee Oaks saying goodbye -- that last big hug said it all, despite their ups and downs they're still there for each other.

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