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Good Morning

"Torchwood" to Starz



 Well, here's some rather significant news for Starz - which is trying to get some traction (and sorta has with "Spartacus"): The network has nabbed a new season of "Torchwood," the BBC series about the so-called Torchwood Institute, involved in the usual pursuit of alien investigations. Aliens of the sort from outerspace and these are nasty buggers, too, lemme tell you. Not the nice bulbous headed creatures with big eyes from Roswell, or the lizardy critters from "V" who actually seem rather benign, at least the one who looks like Morena Baccerin.  Nosiree. They bite. And they are mean.

  I don't know much about this show, obviously, but it does have a pretty big fanbase here. A very big one. And now, Starz has it.  Here's a clip that promises the "best parts"...




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