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‘Transparent’ star Jeffrey Tambor’s other TV roles

Jeffrey Tambor, left, with Jason Bateman in "Arrested

Jeffrey Tambor, left, with Jason Bateman in "Arrested Development." Credit: Fox

Jeffrey Tambor returns Dec. 11 in his Emmy-winning role of transgender dad Maura Pfefferman in Amazon Prime’s “Transparent.” Here are five more of Tambor’s notable TV roles.

THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW (1992-98) Tambor garnered four best supporting actor in a comedy Emmy nominations for his role of Hank (“Hey now!”) Kingsley, the unctuous sidekick to Garry Shandling’s late-night talk show host.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (2003-06, 2013) He received two more Emmy nominations for playing the manipulative, imprisoned family patriarch George Bluth Sr. (and his twin brother, Oscar).

MR. SUNSHINE (1986) In this short-lived sitcom, Tambor played a cranky college professor who had been recently blinded.

AMERICAN DREAMER (1990-91) Robert Urich starred as a newspaper columnist in this sitcom, with Tambor playing his editor.

MAX HEADROOM (1987) In this ahead-of-its-time sci-fi parody of television, Tambor played newsroom boss Murray, supervisor of the show’s computer-generated titular character.

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