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Travis Orlando 'sings beautiful' on 'American Idol'

Twin Travis Orlando, 16, is up last on "American Idol" as it winds down the New Jersey auditions. Orlando's family was living in shelters and  have had a hard life. He's got to be good, right? They wouldn't be this cruel!

Seems like a good kid, good family, just some tough circumstances in a rough economy. We see him hanging out on the streets, singing with his brother.

"There's a chance for everybody in this country," his dad says.

He's got a big smile, something special, like charisma -- no bragging, either, very straightforward. Doing "Eleanor Rigby," with a little flavor. I like him right away. Meaningful voice, not just a random song choice. Then scats out "I'm Yours" and he's a pleasure to listen to.

Finally, a guy I really like. Randy points out he's nervous, but really likes him. Jennifer Lopez nails it -- "you have a really unique tone in your voice. It's almost sweet." Steven Tyler is right on, too. "You sing beautiful," he tells him.

Pure joy. Greatest moment of the show tonight is watching him and his twin hug and cry, with their mom. Meaningful emotion. 


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