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'True Blood:' Q-and-no-A's

All the world is in love with vampires these days, and this show just might carry that sentiment all the way to an Emmy. Photo Credit: AP

"True Blood's" fourth season began last night, and we have questions. Alas, we do not have answers. Maybe you do. Let's get straight to 'em....

- Aren't fairies supposed to have wings?

- With fairy godmothers like this, do you really need enemies?

- A riddle! How much time does one second in fairyland represent in real world time?

- Sookie's grandfather really reminded me of Gary Cole for some reason . . . (Oh, wait. This isn't really a question.)

- Do you think it's a good idea to trust Jason Stackhouse with a police uniform and loaded gun?

- Same exact question with Andy...

- Bill Compton as the new King of Louisiana? Who saw that coming?

- And if he is the king, will he be requiring a queen at some point?

- Would you believe any sales pitch from Eric Northman -- especially about how nice vampires really are?

- Does Eric really think he "owns" Sookie just because he "owns" her house? (Or did he just see this as a good opportunity to flip it?)

- Does Tara Thornton realize that if she moves to NYC, she can now legally marry her cage fighting partner?

- After tending bar, what qualified Tara to become a cage fighter?

- Does Lafayette Reynolds realize that if he moves to NYC, he and Jesus...etc.?

- Lafayette doesn't look like a witch? But, then neither does Jesus.

- Sam Merlotte's anger management classes -- other shape-shifters turning into fillies, then heading off into the forest -- might or might not be sanctioned by the American Psychiatric Association. Or would they (be sanctioned)?

- Hoyt and Jessica living together full time does not seem like a good idea, or does it?

- Will Hoyt survive this season? Will Hoyt survive by episode six? Will Hoyt be drained by next week?

- Arlene Fowler's baby tears the heads off of Barbie dolls, but don't all baby boys do that?


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