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'True Blood:' Q-and-no-A's

"TRUE BLOOD" (HBO) All the world is in

All the world is in love with vampires these days, and this show just might carry that sentiment all the way to an Emmy. Credit: AP

"True Blood's" fourth season began last night, and we have questions. Alas, we do not have answers. Maybe you do. Let's get straight to 'em....

- Aren't fairies supposed to have wings?

- With fairy godmothers like this, do you really need enemies?

- A riddle! How much time does one second in fairyland represent in real world time?

- Sookie's grandfather really reminded me of Gary Cole for some reason . . . (Oh, wait. This isn't really a question.)

- Do you think it's a good idea to trust Jason Stackhouse with a police uniform and loaded gun?

- Same exact question with Andy...

- Bill Compton as the new King of Louisiana? Who saw that coming?

- And if he is the king, will he be requiring a queen at some point?

- Would you believe any sales pitch from Eric Northman -- especially about how nice vampires really are?

- Does Eric really think he "owns" Sookie just because he "owns" her house? (Or did he just see this as a good opportunity to flip it?)

- Does Tara Thornton realize that if she moves to NYC, she can now legally marry her cage fighting partner?

- After tending bar, what qualified Tara to become a cage fighter?

- Does Lafayette Reynolds realize that if he moves to NYC, he and Jesus...etc.?

- Lafayette doesn't look like a witch? But, then neither does Jesus.

- Sam Merlotte's anger management classes -- other shape-shifters turning into fillies, then heading off into the forest -- might or might not be sanctioned by the American Psychiatric Association. Or would they (be sanctioned)?

- Hoyt and Jessica living together full time does not seem like a good idea, or does it?

- Will Hoyt survive this season? Will Hoyt survive by episode six? Will Hoyt be drained by next week?

- Arlene Fowler's baby tears the heads off of Barbie dolls, but don't all baby boys do that?

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