Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'True Blood,' season 5, Chris Meloni, Russell Edgington...

A scene with Stephen Moyer in "True Blood."

A scene with Stephen Moyer in "True Blood." Credit: HBO

"True Blood" is back Sunday, and it's good. Don't worry. But what about Russell Edgington -- who did unbury this particular undead? And Christoper Meloni...what about him? What does he appear and appear as what? Here's today's review for some non-answers, and a quick look at a trailer released last week -- I notice in fact that it has a couple of spoilers (minor) so if you want to know nothing, then skip it...But for a pretty good overview of season 4 (and a refresher course may well be necessary), I've also posted a pretty good overview; it brings you up to speed speedily...

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