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Trump browbeats NBC's Chuck Todd

Been quite the morning for one future debate moderator -- Donald Trump -- who appeared on "Today" first thing to a.) Promote new book; b.) tell Matt Lauer that only stupid people don't change their minds (and Matt promptly said that he has changed his mind before, come to think of it); and c.) Ron Paul has zero chance of winning so who cares whether he attends the Dec. 27 debate that the Trumpster will moderator. He also said he may jump in as an Independent, but that wouldn't likely happen until after May when the finale of "The Apprentice" wraps.

A bit later, Trump was on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown" with Chuck Todd, and promptly excoriated the anchor/analyst for lying about why he came on; he began with Todd telling viewers Trump wanted to respond to some poll, and Trump said his producers had called "forty times" to get him on the show; then went after Todd for being dishonest,etc. Will post as soon as a clip is up. In my never ceasing efforts to promote Trumpster, because he has such a hard time promoting himself, here's the clip from "Today"...

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