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TV Critics Tour: A death in 'The Simpsons' family

Will Krusty the Clown die?

Will Krusty the Clown die? Credit: Fox Broadcasting

Beverly Hills -- Fans of "The Simpsons" learned some time ago that the show would "kill off" a key character this season -- "kill off" being but a transitory condition in the realm of animated series often but not always measured in episodes, or until the fan outcry is so annoying that the creators have no choice but to relent and bring the deceased back to life. 

 But that's beside the point: Who's gonna die on "The Simpsons?" This urgent question arose late Sunday here, when "Simpsons" chief Al Jean re-confirmed the "death" and said that it would occur in the Sept. 28:

"Our premiere on September 28th features the episode where we kill off a character, which turned into a much bigger deal than we expected. So I hope you know, it’s not going to be this blood bath where they all just, like, get murdered." 

 But whom? The episode is enitled "Clown in the Dumps" which implies one particularly clown by the name of Krusty but hardly affirms the demise. In fact, the title is probably a red herring, but it didn't stop a reasonably urgent and thoughtful outcry among viewers and critics who were veritably mortified at the prospect. 

(Jean said he didn't say that Krusty was going to die, but he didn't not say he was going to die, either...) 

 But again, remember the rule: death is not forever, and sometimes not even at all. Brian, still very much alive, as living proof...

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