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Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ character and more ‘Greens’ on TV

Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on

Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on "Friends." Photo Credit: NBC / ANDREW ECCLES

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, here are five of our favorite TV Greens (or Greenes):

RACHEL GREEN Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” character, whose shag-style haircut became a 1990s pop culture icon.

MR. GREEN JEANS Captain Kangaroo’s handyman sidekick, played by Hugh Brannum.

JEFF GREENE Larry David’s manager and close pal, a good-natured schnook (Jeff Garlin) on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

SUSIE GREENE Foul-mouthed wife (Susie Essman) of the good-natured schnook on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

DR. MARK GREENE Anthony Edwards’ noble doctor on “ER” was the only member of the original cast to die during the series’ run.

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