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TV Land has pulled 'The Cosby Show' reruns

"The Cosby Show" reruns have been dropped by TV Land after multiple women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Credit: NBC

TV Land, the cable home of "The Cosby Show" reruns, abruptly dropped the series from its schedule earlier Wednesday.

It's the latest development in the maelstrom that has enveloped Bill Cosby in the wake of allegations that decades ago he had raped women over a period of years. NBC Wednesday pulled the Cosby sitcom that was in developlment, and late Tuesday Netflix pulled a Cosby special that was to have aired Nov. 27.

TV Land has declined comment all day. But the network's schedule, which was to have posted airtimes and dates for "The Cosby Show" -- one of the reigning hits in TV history, during most of its run from 1984 to 1992 -- instead offered a blank space with the puzzling notation stating that "the kitten ate the homework."

TV Land had planned to air a Thanksgiving day "Cosby Show" marathon too. That has also been sidelined.

From a practical standpoint, the move is largely meaningless -- "Cosby Show" reruns are widely available elsewhere, including Hulu Plus, where some 200-plus episodes are available for streaming. 

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