Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

TV on DVD: 'Breaking Bad: Season 2' is so, so good


SERIES Bryan Cranston won a second lead actor Emmy for these 13 stunning episodes, where his desperate cancer-stricken chemistry teacher starts flexing his muscles as Albuquerque's hot new meth chef. He's abetted by a screw-up former student, unbeknownst to the sick man's devoted wife and hardhead fed brother-in-law. Season 3 starts Sunday night at 10 on AMC.

EXTRAS Four raucous cast/crew commentaries, featurette for each episode, behind-the-scenes season 1 recap, other fun. Blu-ray adds a fascinating interactive visual guide through the writing process for the season finale, from bulletin-board plot cards to script pages to finished scene.

LIST PRICE $40 DVD/$50 Blu-ray Disc for season 2, out today from Sony. (Also today: $40 for season 1 BD, finally in stunning high-def.)


SERIES Historic sitcom about a Bronx Jewish family was created by star Gertrude Berg for radio in 1929, transferred to TV in 1949. Included booklet traces the rocky history of "The Goldbergs," reflects on its strong ethnicity, salutes Berg's pioneering work as a female writer-producer. (Watch for her '40s product placement!)

EXTRAS Along with 32 live telecasts crisply restored from vintage kinescopes (shot off a TV set), plus 39 later filmed shows, this fine set includes 12 previous radio episodes, pilot from 1961 TV series "Mrs. G Goes to College," docu-excerpt about Berg.

LIST PRICE $60 for six discs, exclusively at

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