Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

TV on DVD: Buckner, Bartman


Documentaries This follow-up to ESPN's critically acclaimed "30 for 30" docuseries includes five incisive films spanning the sports/society/psychology spectrum -- "Catching Hell," exploring baseball scapegoats Bill Buckner (1986 playoffs vs. Mets) and Steve Bartman (2003 Wrigley Field fan reviled for trying to catch a playoff game foul ball); "Herschel," revisiting NFL running back Walker; "Renee," about transgendered tennis star Richards; the Triple Crown's ill-fated "Charismatic," and the University of Michigan's '90s hip-hop basketballers "The Fab Five."

Extras Lots of directors' insights, extended interviews, deleted scenes, vintage event/news footage.

List price $50 for five discs, released by ESPN Home Entertainment.

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