Movies Why wait for TCM's Halloween-night run of "Frankenstein," "The Mummy," "The Wolf Man" and "The Invisible Man"? They're all gorgeously restored to high-def clarity of both sight and sound in this new 8-disc boxed book-page package. (Sigh, clean glue off disc edges.) Also included: "The Bride of Frankenstein," Lugosi's "Dracula," Rains' "Phantom of the Opera," and widescreen "Creature From the Black Lagoon" (in cool 3-D, too!).

Extras Film historian Kevin Brownlow's "Universal Horror" clipfest, plus carried-over commentaries, featurettes, archive materials, 1931 "Dracula" Spanish film on same sets with different cast, tributes to makeup men and studio execs. New booklet packed with old posters/info.

List price $160 Blu-ray (seek below $120); same films on DVD in 2 sets of "Classic Monsters Spotlight Collection," $20 per set; from Universal.

Also out Tuesday:

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ALCATRAZ J.J. Abrams' single-season Fox suspenser tracks '60s prisoners time-tripping to today; $40 DVD/$50 Blu-ray, Warner.

MAD MEN: SEASON 5 AMC's Emmy magnet hits 1966, with usual bounty of historical/design featurettes, commentaries; $50 DVD or Blu-ray, Lionsgate.

TRIPLE TERROR COLLECTION Stephen King miniseries "The Shining," "It," "Salem's Lot"; $20 DVD, Warner.