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TV on DVD: Cult back stories, trailers


Web fave Cult and classic movies are smartly teased by noted directors/writers, who tip us to key influences and back story while the films' trailers unreel. In this second collection of online shorts (21 titles), Joe Dante does "Donovan's Brain," Mick Garris eyes "Flesh Gordon," Josh Olson chews on "Jaws," Roger Corman recounts "Ski Troop Attack," et al.

Extras Whoa! A biggie -- the first anamorphic widescreen transfer of Corman's immortal 1960 "The Little Shop of Horrors" featuring a young Jack Nicholson! Yep, the whole film!

List price $20, out Tuesday from Shout.

Also out

HARRY O: SMILE JENNY, YOU'RE DEAD One of TV's coolest series of the '70s -- "Harry O" -- finally arrives on disc, though it's only the pilot movie that sold ABC on David Janssen's world-weary private eye, with Andrea Marcovicci, Zalman King, preteen Jodie Foster; $20, made-to-order from

THE FAR PAVILIONS HBO's 1984 miniseries set in 19th century India, with Amy Irving, Ben Cross, Omar Sharif, John Gielgud, Rupert Everett; $30, Acorn.

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