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Good Morning

TV on DVD: 'Farscape,' 'Yankees 2009 World Series'

Last-minute gift ideas (expect discounts off these list prices):

FARSCAPE: THE COMPLETE SERIES Groundbreakingly smart/witty/emotional space saga with Ben Browder and Claudia Black, now comes in sleek compact box with many new extras; $150, A&E.

ROME: THE COMPLETE SERIES Both of the HBO spectacle's sumptuous and sexy seasons, in lush packaging, with Blu-ray running-trivia option; $100 DVD/$140 Blu-ray, HBO.

YANKEES 2009 WORLD SERIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION All six games (and ALCS Game 6), plus season highlights, interviews, alternate TV/radio game calls in English/Spanish; $80, A&E.

MST3K: XVI LIMITED EDITION Tom Servo figurine, plus four mocked movies including bizarre '50s Mexican "Santa Claus"; $65, Shout.

ADULT SWIM IN A BOX Single seasons of six animated series, plus five other late-night pilots; $70, Warner.

TRANSFORMERS 25TH ANNIVERSARY MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP EDITION Nearly 100 episodes of toy-based '80s cartoon, with extras galore; $170, Shout.

TREASURY OF 50 STORYBOOK CLASSICS: ANIMAL ANTICS Dozens of childhood favorites animated on seven separately cased discs; $50, Scholastic.

LOVE COMES SOFTLY COLLECTION TV movies with Katherine Heigl, January Jones in eight-disc box; $100, FoxFaith.

THE CHRISTIANS Historical impact explored in '70s British docuseries filmed around the globe; $100, Athena.

DISCOVERY ATLAS: COMPLETE COLLECTION All 11 gorgeous nation portraits, though not so complete (shortened to 45 minutes each); $40 DVD, $50 BD, Image.

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