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TV on DVD: 'Girls,' 'Mission: Impossible'

From left, Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet and Jemima

From left, Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke in HBO's "Girls." Credit: HBO


Series Lena Dunham's (very) adult HBO comedy eavesdrops on four female New York City 20-somethings, laying out "the complete confusion and desolation and thrill of being this age," as outlined by writer-star Dunham (in bonus features).

Extras Four hours of fun here -- cast chat, Dunham talks with TV mentor Judd Apatow, behind-the-scenes chronicle, auditions, commentary, more.

List price $40 DVD only/$50 for Blu-ray plus DVD plus digital copy, out Tuesday from HBO.

Gift sets out Tuesday:

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE COMPLETE TELEVISION COLLECTION Look for the big red "dynamite stick" (with fuse!) in a clear plastic cube-box, opening to an inside stack of eight metal-hinged "tape" cans (will they "self-destruct in five seconds"?), holding all seven spy-crew seasons with Steven Hill (1966) and Peter Graves ('67-'73), plus Graves' '88-'89 revival with episode guides; also has new bonus disc with great making-of featurettes (recent interviews!), vintage chats, promos, even theme song with words!; $360 for 56 discs (discounts to $270), CBS.

JAG: COMPLETE SERIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION David James Elliott's 1995-2005 run as a Navy lawyer is here in a cloth-covered navy blue box, where sides unsnap from epaulets to fold back the top revealing 10 season sets in card-stock packs (with existing extras), plus new bonus disc with 45-minute series making-of, vintage series intro program, archived interviews, more; also included are a collectible JAG coin and 40-page booklet with service history/info, character bios, terminology glossary; $360 for 56 discs (discounts to $270), CBS.

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