Complete your collection with new concluding-season releases:

MANNIX: THE FINAL SEASON Mike Connors' '70s private eye punches out in Season 8; $50, out today from CBS.

CSI MIAMI: SEASON 10 David Caruso's sun-splashed crime spinoff, with bonus features; $56, CBS.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: SEASON 5 Mary McCormack's marshal in USA fave; $30, Universal.

HUFF: SEASON 2 Hank Azaria's Showtime psychiatrist; $35, Sony MOD

KOJAK: SEASON 5 Telly Savalas as '70s New York City police detective boss; $45, Shout

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S.W.A.T.: FINAL SEASON Police strike-team saga unloads all its weaponry; $45, Shout

ADAM-12: SEASON 7 Los Angeles patrol officers go off-duty; $35, Shout

THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO: SEASON 5 Richard Hatch's police detective replaces Michael Douglas; $90, CBS

THE LUCY SHOW: SEASON 6 On Lucille Ball's '60s sitcom: Carol Burnett, Jack Benny, Joan Crawford, Vivian Vance; $40, CBS

MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: SEASON 3 Sole color season with Ray Walston, Bill Bixby, plus extras; $40, MPI

Final seasons on the way

Dec. 18 "Here's Lucy: Season 6"

Jan. 1 "Charlie's Angels: Season 5"

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Jan. 15 "Men of a Certain Age: Season 2"

Feb. 12 "Weeds: Season 8"; "The Hardy Boys: Season 3"

Feb. 19 "Gossip Girl: Season 6"