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TV on DVD: 'My Favorite Martian,' 'Wonder Years' and more

MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: COMPLETE SERIESSITCOM Vintage '60s family fave has Ray Walston's stranded alien flummoxing Bill Bixby's newspaper reporter with his head antenna, invisibility and mind-reading skills.

EXTRAS Same as on three previous season sets -- treasure trove of unseen pilots, commercials, game show gigs, interviews, home movies, more.

LIST PRICE $100, out today from MPI.

Complete series now at lower prices (less-fancy boxes):

DEXTER Michael C. Hall's vigilante saga loses collectible lab slides box, gets two thick clear plastic cases holding 32 discs with existing bonus features; $100, CBS.

THE WONDER YEARS No more metal locker, but this '60s-set coming-of-age saga keeps cool "binders" holding 26 discs with (nearly all) original songs, generous extras; $200, Time Life.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE -- ORIGINAL TV SERIES Jim Phelps' global spy team moves from old round "dynamite" collectible to shelf-friendly box, with 46 discs in two thick plastic cases; $130, CBS.

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN Lee Majors' bionic heroism now fits a standard box with 35 discs: all five seasons, plus "Bionic Woman" crossovers, reunion movies; $130, Universal. (Also out: three-season "Bionic Woman" complete on 14 discs, $75.)

More complete series:

NOV. 3 "Star Trek" ('60s original remastered); "I Love Lucy" (compact box)

NOV. 17 "McHale's Navy"

DEC. 8 "The X-Files" (Blu-ray)

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